Airport integration and performance

Enhancing airport performance to improve network predictability.


Airports are complex operational ecosystems and a crucial component of the European air traffic management network. At EUROCONTROL, we work to better integrate them with the air traffic management network. We help airports take advantage of the 'network approach' to resolve operational problems.

At the same time, we support airports in implementing performance improvements outlined in the European ATM Master Plan, focusing on operational specifications, standards and cooperative action plans.

Our services help to increase capacity, reducing delays, improve surface flows and implement a total airport management approach in daily airport operations and in adverse conditions.

We believe that collaboration among stakeholders is just as important as the enabling technologies and concepts we develop. This is why we work closely with airport teams from across Europe to support them in implementing operational improvements that will deliver capacity, safety and efficiency both at local and network levels, now and in the future.


At EUROCONTROL, we work closely with our partners representing airports of all sizes to help them deploy solutions that improve their operational efficiency and safety. Through innovative Collaborative Decision Making and Advanced Tower concepts, we improve the efficiency and resilience of airport operations by optimising the use of resources and improving the predictability of air traffic. As Network Manager, we assess recurrent situations affecting airport performance and develop collaborative plans and mitigation concepts. We provide systems (A-SMGCS) to help maintain airport throughput under all local weather conditions, whilst meeting safety level requirements. Our decades-long experience in air traffic management is also available to our airport partners to help them build collaborative processes that contribute to improved airport and terminal manoeuvring area operations. Through innovative concepts, such as the European re-categorisation of wake turbulence minima, runway occupancy categorisation and procedural time-based separation (RECAT, ROCAT and REDSEP), we aim to aim to drastically improve both capacity and efficiency. Explore our products and services section below to learn more.

Connecting Europe's airports, large and small, to the network is a key milestone in optimising the operational efficiency. We help to integrate airports by providing airport collaborative decision making solutions which scale to the needs of the stakeholder. This contributes to building a complete picture of the expected distribution in time and space of traffic in the network. We utilise the industry-standard system-wide information management (SWIM) concept, to make sure the connection is seamless, stable and secure. We will use the same concept to exchange airport operations plans (AOP) to make the network situation clearer. At the same time, we identify problems which may affect the performance of the network by using accurate airport information. Through our data-driven Airport corner platform, we allow airports and aircraft operators to share up-to-date operational information and thus help make the network more predictable and efficient.

Aviation is faced with the challenge of addressing its impact on the environment. Pollution, in the form of CO2 ,NO2, particulates or noise, is a field that airports across Europe need to tackle while maintaining the delicate balance between the needs of the business, passengers and the general public. At EUROCONTROL, we develop and help to implement procedures that help reduce the impact of airport operations on the environment, while improving efficiency and increasing capacity. Our continuous climb and descent operations (CCO/CDO) concept allows for a flexible, optimum flight path that delivers major environmental and economic benefits, while our via point merge, we improve and harmonise arrival operations. By utilising enhanced approach procedures, we help reduce the noise at and around airports. As emissions is not something easily noticeable, we provide modelling tools to estimate emissions from aircraft operations at airports. See our concepts and initiatives below.

At EUROCONTROL, we put our know-how, experience and birds-eye view of network operations to prepare our stakeholders for the challenges ahead of the industry. We have developed a Runway throughput package to bring increased throughput in peak traffic period at airports where capacity is constrained, reducing delay and increasing operational resilience. Our expertise in the field of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) is put to good use in testing new ways of integrating drones at airports to quickly perform tasks which may be otherwise challenging and time consuming. We explore the use of state-of-the-art technologies, such as machine learning, voice recognition and augmented reality and apply them to innovative projects to improve the current human machine interfaces (HMIs) to minimise workload and mental strain of tower controllers. See our projects below for more details.

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Airport collaborative decision-making


Airport capacity and performance


European re-categorisation of wake turbulence minima on Approach and Departure


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Reduced separation via procedural time-based separation


Runway occupancy categorisation

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Airport safety nets

Airport corner

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CCO/CDO Dashboard

Continuous climb and descent operations performance monitoring dashboard


Performance indicator and analysis tool for airports